Glass Art Project Kits

Fusing Kits for DIY glass tiles, plates, and dichroic jewelry

Children and adults learn glass fusing with our DIY Art Project Kits, make fused glass plates, jewelry and tiles. We send our studio to you!. We will fire the art projects for your school, club, party or meeting...

fused glass mezuzah kit
fused glass ornament kit

fused glass cross project

fused glass heart project
fused glass ornament project
Fusing Fun Kits offer people of all ages and skill levels an exciting opportunity to make real fused glass art pieces. Anyone can create his or her own glass tiles, sun-catchers, jewelry or plates. You receive all of the supplies, tools and instructions needed to make unique and expressive glass art objects. Upon completion you will mail your projects to us and we wll fire them in the kilns at our studio. Your finished projects will be shipped back to you, individually packaged and ready to admire!

Consider the Sun-Catcher Glass Art kit for a fabulous Mother's Day gift project, only $195 for a 20-project kit.

We send everything needed to complete a successful fused glass project

Classroom art project School auction/fundraiser Mother's day project
Church or club activity Party or club Valentine's Day
Troop or club project Fund raising pieces Holiday themes available
Home school groups Gift making fun Appreciation gift
Scientific exercise Ancient Egypt studies Collaborative family project

Many of our schools these days that do not have a budget for offering even these modestly priced activities to our children. Teachers have found that parents are happy to chip-in a little to offer their children a special learning experience and art project. Here is a sample handout that many teachers send home describing this exciting opportunity and requesting that the families contribute in order to bring this experience into their classroom.

Purchase a DIY art glass project kit to do with your group!

easy fused glass project for kids Glass Sun catchers- Each student will make a 2 1/2" colorful, fused glass collage of their own design. The colorful glass pieces will be fused into ornamental treasures. Recommended for Ages 5 and up.
make your own dichroic jewelry Jewelry- Students create their own dazzling necklace pendants from colorful dichroic glass bits. Recommended for Ages 5 and up.
make your own fused glass tiles Glass Tiles- Each student makes a 4" glass tile by arranging a collage of colorful glass pieces and halving it fused into a unique art tile. Recommended for Ages 5 and up.
glass art project Glass Dish-Students design and create a 5" glass dish or bowl by fusing a collage of glass pieces then forming it into a bowl shape. This project requires two firings, one to fuse and the second to "slump" or shape the dish in a mold. Recommended for Ages 8 and up.
group art project Group Platter Projects-Have everyone collaborate by creating small glass tiles to be composed into one large glass platter to make an amazing art project for a school auction/fundraiser, appreciation gift or a collaborative family art project.
fused glass candle holder kit Group Vase Projects-Four people can collaborate by creating 4 different glass tiles to be composed into one beautiful slumped glass piece that can be used as a luminous candle holder or decorative vase. Great for a school auction, fundraiser, appreciation gift or a collaborative family art project.
20-piece cross kit

Cross Shaped Project Kits

Another amazing school auction project, gift or a collaborative art project. Make a real glass cross

Group Cross- for 20
w/ bracket for wall mounting or table top stand (18”x12” finished cross)

Kit Price includes firing and wall mount bracket


Please call to order

Fused Glass Mezuzah Project Kit Glass Mezuzah Projects- Each student will make a 4" colorful glass Mezuzah case of their own design. Recommended for Ages 5 and up.
classroom art projects

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How it works

1. Order your Glass Art Kit and assemble your project using the provided instructions, colored glass, tweezers and glue

2. Pack your assembled projects into the provided box then send to our fusing lab. We will professionally fire your pieces in our kilns.

3. Receive your finished art in the mail. Your Glass Art Projects will arrive beautifully packaged and ready to admire!

Upon ordering you will receive all of the supplies, tools and instructions needed to lead the students in making their individual colorful glass collages. The students will create small glass collages by gluing colored bits of glass onto a clear base glass squares (they will later be composed into a large glass platter).

Upon completion you will mail your glued projects to us in the enclosed mailer. We will fire your assembled projects at our studio. Your finished projects will be packaged and shipped back to you ready to display and admire!

You will find many more answers in the frequently asked questions (FAQ) section of the website (800) 400-0388

Kit How-to Video

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