HourGlass Enrichment
Providing art activities for a purposeful existence

Keeping seniors creative, active and happy!

On-Site Activity: We bring the supplies, and guidance needed to make unique and expressive glass art objects at your facility.

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Support our mission
and help us to
provide art activities for a purposeful existance
for residents in underserved and low income senior housing.

Your tax exempt donation will enrich lives immensely!


Please contact the studio to schedule your activities. We currently service the Los Angeles and Ventura counties in California. (800) 400-0388

Notable Quotes from some of our senior glass artists...

" I have a special shelf right by my door where I display my glass projects. That way everyone that comes in my room can see them."

" I wear my glass necklace every day, it gives me power."

"I really appreciate this class. My eyesight got so bad that I had to stop doing the regular art activities but now I can make interesting and creative things again."

" It feels good to make things with my hands again. I love the arts."

" This is my favorite activity; I never schedule any appointments on glass art day because I enjoy it so much."

" I gave some of my glass projects to my sisters and their families and they were so impressed with what I have done. Now I am taking orders."

" I am making this necklace for my granddaughter; she will be sixteen next month. This will be a special gift from her Nana."

" I have never been terribly creative but the colors and projects are so fun that even my projects are beautiful."

" You should see how proud my son is of the dish I made."

" This is good therapy for me, I get so focused into my work and use my hands in ways I donít usually do anymore."

"Can we do the coaster project again? I want to make one for my daughter, she tried to mine but I didn’t want to let it go."

"I get so many compliments every time I wear the glass pendant that we made in class."

"I carefully pack away all of my glass projects whenever the cleaning lady is coming. I would hate to have anything broken."

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info@fireworkstudio.com (800) 400-0388


What do they make?

covered dish

dicroic jade dish

flying fish

flower necklace

photo frame

framed pendant
...and a lot more!

Do you want to try it at home?

We also offer
Kits you make at Home with the Family!suncatcher

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